“Would never calve
cows again without
it! No worries now
about getting hurt
while processing
babies, as we
all know how
protective a good
mother cow can be.”

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Laurel Gilbertson, NE
For me, it’s all about safety. With my calf catcher, at 73 years, I have no fear of any cow, and that is mighty important to me and my family. It is safe, and a much easier way to deal with the new borns and their protective mothers.

It is quiet, allowing me to go through the cows virtually unnoticed when getting ready to catch a calf. Importantly, the mother cows do not get near as excited as when I used to work new borns the old way. Cows, babies and myself are all far better off because of it.

Last spring, I paired out all 80 pairs to new pastures after processing their calves, and every cow without exception followed the catcher with their calf standing inside the holder.

There is not a piece of equipment on the place that can equal
the value of my calf catcher. I could not, and would not be in
business without it!”

Designed for Processing Safety
- Guards cattlemen against protective mother cow!
- Built to last! Durable, all welded quality construction!
- Tested and Proven in multiple terrains!
- Quick mount & dismount on both ATV and UTV units!
- Sold throughout the US and Canada
- Customer testimonials coming soon!
  One user recently quoted...
  "It is the best piece of equipment on the ranch!"
With the average age of producers getting older, labor more difficult to find and safety a primary concern of everyone...using it for your future calf crops is a must!

Important Calf Catcher Benefits...
- Enables quick and safe calf catching!
- Convenient, step in access of producer!
- Holder secures calf for easy processing!
- User-friendly inside release of calf to cow.
- Move calves easier with cow following!
- Less cow stress, she can see/smell calf!
- Reduces danger while working new calves!
- Cuts labor, one person now does the work!

Designed by a Cowman...
to Ensure Cattlemen’s Safety!
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Safety Zone Calf Catcher
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User-Friendly and Durable, Designed to Make Your Calf Processing Safe and Easy!
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